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Anonymous asks: that's not making them cum lol that's boys being boys

Hence why I said I was exaggerating haha

Anonymous asks: how did you make them cum without touching them? that's incredible

I kind of exaggerated, they touched themselves at the sight of my boobs, literally it

This isn’t what it seems I’m not that slutty just my boobs are too big for a lot of tops hahahaha I’m digging myself a hole here I’m gonna get off the subject

Anonymous asks: telekentic wank?

I wish I could do that, I could eat and the same time then

Anonymous asks: is your "boyfriend" the one who raped you/

I’d never make my rapist my boyfriend, no

Anonymous asks: pied?

I tried talking to him and he was like ‘I need sleep Ellie goodnight’

Anonymous asks: making boys cum isn't power, that's just the ability to jerk your hand back and forth for 5 minutes. making a girl cum, now that's power

I didn’t touch him :) - power


Akos Major


I’m on a break with my bf (technically not my bf) and I just got pied by my brothers friend
I’ve seen both your dicks. I’ve made you both cum. I have power.